June 4-6, 2018 | Cleveland, OH
Huntington Convention Center

About NASF SUR/FIN® 2017

SUR/FIN is where leading surface technology companies connect, collaborate and contribute. It is the primary conference and trade show dedicated specifically to the surface technology industry. And because it is the only conference and trade show sponsored by the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF)—representing the $28 billion finishing industry—it attracts noted business leaders and prominent thinkers to a forum where relevant issues are addressed and technologies presented.

Furthering NASF’s efforts in promoting its industry leading “Surface Technology Initiative”, the event took advantage of Atlanta’s easily accessible location in the Southeast region of the United States, dubbed the “new Detroit” for the automotive industry. Additionally, the geography boasts a strong presence from aerospace, defense and other key sectors for surface finishing technologies. SUR/FIN delivered the newest and most innovative technologies in the marketplace regardless of the industry you serve.

Why Atlanta?

Atlanta, a bustling economic area in the heart of the southeast United States. Georgia is a transportation hub with the world’s busiest and most productive airport, and easy access to shipping ports and many key cities in neighboring states via car or the most extensive rail system in the southeast. Talented workers are flocking to the best state for business to participate in exceptional training programs and work at recognized companies bringing new ideas to the forefront.

New headquarters established:

The southeastern region is also a manufacturing hub and with the event taking place in Atlanta, SUR/FIN is the perfect way for those in the surface finishing industry to network and learn about new technologies. More than 500 aerospace companies call the state home. Aerospace products are the #1 export from Georgia with totals topping $8.44 billion worldwide. Closely related is the defense industry, which employs nearly 36,000 people and accounts for $3.7 billion of U.S. Department of Defense contract work in 2015.

Automotive OEMs like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, BMW and more have also expanded to new locations in the southeastern region, including several in Georgia specifically, dubbing the region “the new Detroit”.

Those doing business in the agricultural and other heavy equipment industries can also broaden their network. As a leading provider of these products, there is a growing need for the technologies, processes and equipment that make this production possible.


Event Contact

Cheryl Clark
| NASF Event Director
(302) 436-5616