June 4-6, 2018 | Cleveland, OH
Huntington Convention Center
Dayna Lamb speaks at SUR/FIN 2016

SUR/FIN® Topic Categories

Please note that topics under consideration for the SUR/FIN 2018 Sessions can include, but are not limited to the following examples:

 Aerospace & Defense Forum

Advanced Plating Systems – Ionic Liquids, Metal Matrix, Nano, Multilayer

Improved Corrosion Performance Coatings

Electroless Coatings

Thermal Spray Coatings – HVOF, Cold Spray, etc.

Hard and Wear Resistant Coatings

Conversion Coatings and Anodizing

Cadmium Replacements

Hexavalent Chromium Replacements



Chromate-free Primers

Advanced Coating Systems: Self-cleaning, Self-healing, Ice Phobic, Durability

Effect of REACH on Military Sales and Sustainment in Europe

Effect of REACH on Product Availability in the US and Europe

How a Lower Cr6+ PEL will Affect Manufacture and Sustainment

Cd Alternatives

Ensuring Reliability of Defense Electronics Systems

The Outlook for Continued Availability of Finishing Processes in the Defense Supply Chain

Cr6+ Use and Replacement in DoD – DFARS, the Cr6+ Memo, and Supply Contracts


Automotive – Functional & Decorative

Zinc/Alloy Plating – Anodic Coatings

Trivalent Cr Passivation, Seals

Spin, Flow, Spray & Dip Spin Coatings

UV Cure Systems

Electroless Deposition

Metal Flake Coatings

Specifications Impacting Technology

Decorative Plating Technology or Systems

Cr(VI) Free, Cr Free or Rohs Compliant Technology

Plating on Plastics Advances

In-Molding Decoration/ Novel Alloy Finishes

Trivalent Chromium Plating or Processing

PVD Coatings

Non-Chromium Etching Technology


Advances in Surface Finishing Technology

New or Improved Finishing Technologies

Nano-Crystalline Coatings

Pulse/Pulse Reverse Plating

Through-Mask Etching

Electroless Deposition Technologies

Alternatives to Cr+6, Cyanide Free Technologies.

New Metallization Technology, Direct Metallization

Wear Performance Coatings

New Coating Applications

Testing & Modeling, Coatings & Treatments

Cadmium Replacements

Ternary Alloys

Stereolithographic Or 3D Printed Technology

Salt Spray Improvements

Direct Metallization Techniques or Approaches

Selective Plating

Plating Molds Technology


Light Material Finishing


Non-Chromate Conversion Coatings (Not Just Adhesion Promoters)

Adhesion Promoters (Paint Bases)

Non-Traditional Cleaning of Light Metals

Sealers (For Anodize)

Anodizing & Improved Efficiencies

Magnesium Processing


Research Sustainability: Focused on Research Topics

Duplex Coating Systems

Polarization Methods to Determine Improved Performance

Deposited Super Alloys

Combined Corrosion and Stress Effects

Deposits/Technology Designed for High Wear

Co-Deposits to Improve Properties

Selective Plating

Electroless Deposition Stabilizers

XPS Analysis of Deposits – What It Means to Performance


Electronics Sustainability

Technology or Methods Benefiting Electronics Applications

Connectors Coatings and New Advances


Circuit Board Coatings

Chip Scale Package

Precious Metals for Functional Applications

High Aspect Ratio Plating

Diffusion Barriers

Pattern Plating

Selective Plating

Low Contact Resistance


Tech Responses to Reach and Environmental Regulations

Technology Evolution Resulting from Reach

Cadmium-Free and Hexavalent-Chromium-Free Technologies

Impact of REACH Regulation on The Global Finishing Market

What Do Authorizations Mean for The Future?

Avoiding Supply Chain Disruptions


Applications, Equipment or Technology Improving Productivity/Efficiency

Bulk Processing Advances

Plating Equipment Advances

Maximizing Benefit from Efficient Processes

Industry Best Practices: Is There Trouble in Your Tank or Process?

Lab Equipment/Analysis Advances

Computer Aided Engineering

Automation Impact on Processing

New Anodes/Approaches for Tank Set Up/Auxiliary Anodes

Racking Systems/Approaches


Waste Management/Environmental

New Technologies Improving Performance

Improved Methods

New Equipment Approaches

Chemistry Advances

Water Recycle Approaches

Recovery Approaches/Technology

Air Emissions


Surface Modifications / Surface Treatments

Processing Titanium Advances

Alloy Steels Improved Processing

Direct Metal Deposition

Ultrasonic Methods

Mechanical Finishing



Electro or Powder-Coating

Electrochemical Polishing

Event Contact

Cheryl Clark
| NASF Event Director
(302) 436-5616