June 4-6, 2018 | Cleveland, OH
Huntington Convention Center

Airline & Aerospace Finishing

Course ran: Monday-Thursday, June 19-22, from 8 am-4:30 pm (1 hour lunch)
Exam: Friday, June 23, from 8-11 am

This training program is designed to be beneficial for employees and supervisors working in Airline/Aerospace OEMs, aircraft rework facilities and suppliers to the airline/ aerospace industry. Trainees should have at minimum a high school diploma. Some experience in processing parts for surface finishing is helpful but not required. The training materials and instruction are in English. In many cases, metric and/or US/English units of measurement are utilized. Students are taught how to convert between the two systems of measurement. Upon passing the optional exam, participants will receive the Certified Aerospace Finisher (CAF) designation.

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Lessons Include:

  1. Electroplating Basics
  2. Corrosion of Metals
  3. Hydrogen Embrittlement
  4. Metals & Alloys Utilized in Aerospace
  5. Chemical Surface Preparation of Substrates for Plating Substrates
  6. Mechanical Surface Preparation
  7. Masking Techniques
  8. Quality Conformance Testing
  9. Plating Solution Maintenance
  10. Chem Film
  11. Zinc and Manganese Phosphating
  12. LHE Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plating
  13. Cadmium Ti-Cad and Nickel-Cad Diffused Coatings
  14. Copper & Silver Plating
  15. Sulfamate & Nickel Strike Plating
  16. Hard Chromium Plating
  17. Anodizing Aluminum
  18. Electroless Nickel Deposition
  19. Brush Plating
  20. Stripping
  21. Thermal Spray & PVD

Training Contact

Matt Martz
| NASF Education Director
(202) 457-8404