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Session 6: Responses to PFAS/PFOA

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Learn how to ensure your wastewater system is adequate for the ‎job of processing the increase of wastewater and learn to keep it ‎that way for years to come. Learn where your cost adds up and ‎how to keep that cost down. Learn how to calculate cost of your ‎water in the manufacturing process. Learn what issues the foam in ‎your wastewater is causing and how you can prevent it.‎


Managing Water Usage/Waste Management Minimization
Technologies for Improved Performance or Increased Efficiency

With employee turnover at an all-time high, plant production increasing, and EPA tightening ‎regulations, how can an industry prep for all the changes? This conversation will center ‎around 7 things that can help with the changes our industry is facing, along with some ‎common questions for how to handle system issues.‎

‎ If you plan on expanding your facilities production capabilities, or adding new processes to ‎your product offerings, how can you ensure your wastewater system is adequate for the job ‎of processing the increase of wastewater it will see? Do you include cost to treat the ‎wastewater in pricing for your finished product? How do you calculate the cost of water in ‎the manufacturing process? Your cleaner produces a lot of foam when it is dumped into ‎wastewater. What issues does that cause? How can you prevent this? Other common ‎concerns with wastewater treatment include chemical dosing, flocculation, and ‎containment, to name a few.‎


Robin Deal

Product Leader, Aquapure