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Session 9: Aerospace/Defense/Military Zinc Nickel Advancements

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This presentation will benefit the audience by providing insight ‎into the transition of using advanced brush ‎Zn-Ni and brush ‎sulfuric acid (SAA) anodize processes for selective plating and ‎anodizing, targeted for aircraft ‎applications. At the end of this ‎presentation, the audience will understand that the main benefits ‎of these ‎technologies include significant reduction and possible ‎elimination of Cd for brush plating steels and ‎hexavalent ‎chromium for brush plating aluminum with chromic acid anodize ‎‎(CAA). The audience will also ‎see cost savings realized by reducing ‎hazardous waste, as well as improved environmental, safety, and ‎‎health issues associated with legacy brush plating. ‎


ES3 has successfully completed Phase I and II SBIR efforts confirming three (3) low hydrogen ‎embrittlement ‎‎(LHE) alkaline zinc-nickel brush plating solutions are viable brush Cd ‎alternatives, validating the solutions by ‎testing such as quality, thickness, adhesion, ‎corrosion, and hydrogen embrittlement. Likewise, ES3 ‎successfully completed a Phase I SBIR ‎effort that investigated/developed spot/brush anodize chemistry ‎alternatives for aircraft ‎applications that has now moved straight into Phase III on aircraft component ‎applications ‎for the US Air Force that are in-service. Both efforts developed advanced processing ‎techniques ‎to ensure controlled chemical composition of the as plated coatings. ‎Additionally, these efforts included the ‎design of a cleaner, dripless system that can cover ‎small and large surface areas. The goal of implementing ‎brush Zn-Ni and SAA chemistries and ‎the dripless systems is to reduce or eliminate brush Cd and CAA and to ‎maintain a cleaner ‎environment when doing brush Zn-Ni and brush anodize repairs. ES3 will further validate ‎the ‎brush Zn-Ni and SAA anodize chemistries to ensure they meet requirements with the dripless ‎system on ‎additional substrate types and additional aircraft airworthiness requirements as ‎identified by the US Air ‎Force, Navy and Army.‎


Beth Randolph

Lead Chemist / Biologist

Engineering and Software System Solutions, INC. (ES3)‎