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Session 11: Corrosion & Wear Deposit Coatings

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• Get an overview on agricultural demands for strong ‎corrosion protection
• Learn about solutions for improved abrasion resistance
• ‎Experience the performance of combined electrolytic and ‎zinc flake surface finishes


Advances & New Trends in Surface Finishes/Engineering
Zinc/Alloys/High Performance & Passivation Systems

Applications in the field of Agricultural Industry have always been ‎demanding in matters of corrosion protection; especially after ‎Chromates have been phased out.‎

The influence of the different outside climates all around the year ‎together with tough abrasive environments and the challenging ‎chemical attack through fertilizers such as UAN (Urea Ammonium ‎Nitrate) are requiring a reliable state of the art surface protection.‎

This presentation will summarize the general requirements of the ‎agricultural demands and will highlight the latest developments of ‎combined electrolytic plating like Zinc or Zinc Nickel in combination ‎with Zinc Flake based finishes. This includes bulk parts as fasteners ‎up to large complex shaped rack spin parts and its performance of ‎cathodic corrosion protection in this extreme environment. ‎Dedicated performance examples including data of improved ‎chemical or abrasion resistance will be explained and shared with ‎the audience.‎


Sabine Sengl

Global Product Director Corrosion Protection

Atotech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG