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Session 12: Advances in Surface Finishing

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Elimination of ammonia from electroless nickel processes reduces ‎workplace hazards while also ‎simplifying waste treatment of ‎effluent. Ammonia free nickel strikes also extend the life of ‎‎subsequent electroless nickel "full-build" baths.‎


Advances in Surface Finishing Technology

This presentation will discuss MacDermid Enthone‘s latest ‎innovation, an ammonia-free electroless ‎nickel strike. This next ‎generation EN strike is a low temperature ammonia-free and Pb/Cd ‎free ‎solution. The process is formulated to meet ELV, RoHS, and ‎WEEE directives as well as simplify waste-‎water handling and ‎minimize harmful odor during operation. The presentation will ‎provide a ‎comparison of the key operational aspects of ammonia-‎free vs. conventional strike processes, discuss ‎deposit properties, and ‎highlight waste treatment and EH&S benefits of the new technology.‎

Electroless nickel strikes play an important role in maximizing efficiencies ‎and extending the operational life ‎of electroless nickel production ‎solutions. However, the nature of current technologies and their reliance ‎‎on high concentrations of ammonia to achieve desired deposit properties ‎present their own set of ‎challenges relevant to worker safety and effective ‎waste-water treatment. Additionally, most current ‎electroless nickel strike ‎formulations utilize Pb & Pb/Cd stabilization packages that are ‎contradictory to ‎industry environmental sustainability initiatives.‎


Douglas Hughes

Product Manager, Wear Resistant Coatings, North America

MacDermid Enthone