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Session 1: Aerospace/Defense Response to REACh

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The purpose of this discussion is to provide an introduction to Kolsterising® and review the mechanical
benefits on galling behavior, wear resistance, cavitation erosion, and fatigue strength.


Advances in surface finishing

Stainless steels along with Nickel based alloys are often selected for many applications in corrosive
environments. While resistance to corrosion makes them a favorable choice, poor tribological behavior
may prevent a broader use of these materials.

Kolsterising® is a low temperature carbon diffusion treatment for stainless steel that can expand the
design window of these alloys. This diffusion process results in a significant increase in surface hardness
while still maintaining the ductility and corrosion resistance of the substrate. It is a proprietary, thermochemical diffusion process that forms a carbon S-phase at the surface while avoiding carbide
precipitation which causes sensitization.

Due to the addition of large concentrations of carbon atoms, high compressive stresses are formed at
the surface. These compressive stresses along with occupation of the interstitial sites by carbon atoms
cause an increase in the surface hardness of the material and improved mechanical properties without
altering part dimensions.


David Cummings

Market Development Engineer