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Session 10: Light Metals Processing

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Opportunities to improve the safety, uptime, breadth of control, ‎and equipment management in a ‎plating shop.‎


Aerospace / Defense / Military

Most aluminum used on aircraft is anodized for corrosion ‎resistance. Over time the anodize layer ‎tends to become ‎damaged, often as a result of overhaul practices intended to ‎remove corrosion from ‎adjacent fasteners. In some cases ‎aluminum not anodized by the OEM suffers in-service corrosion, ‎‎requiring anodizing at the overhaul level. In other cases ‎aluminum components must be repaired by ‎welding or other ‎methods, leaving the repair area unprotected. Non-drip brush ‎anodizing is a good ‎way to correct these problems, but it is not ‎always easy to carry out in practice, and existing tools are ‎too ‎small to be cost-effective for large areas. We will discuss the use ‎of brush anodizing, its methods ‎and performance in different ‎applications, and how it can be scaled-up to coat much larger ‎areas ‎than we encounter in spot repair.‎


Alan Rose

Corrdesa, LLC