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Session 7: Decorative Automotive Considerations

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Offers an introduction to a new matte or gloss finish for aluminium ‎that seeks to alleviate many of the carbon and VOC issues ‎associated with paint. Cirrus Paint-Free Colour™ is an innovative ‎surface finishing technology that generates wide range of colours ‎on light metal alloys or 3D-printed components from a sustainable ‎cost and energy effective process. The coloured coatings are thin ‎but provide effective corrosion and scratch resistance.‎


Advances in Surface Finishing Technology
Automotive Industry

Light metal alloys, such as aluminium, have the high strength-to-weight performance that is ‎important to the architectural, automotive, and aerospace sectors. Applications in these ‎sectors often require a coloured protective finish. Conventional paint and similar organic ‎coating processes are energy intensive, often require hazardous chemicals, emit volatile ‎organic compounds (VOC), and have the potential to cause environmental contamination ‎requiring costly containment measures. Industry requires an environmentally sustainable ‎process to produce protective surface finishes having vibrant colours.‎

Cirrus Paint-Free Colour™ is an extension of Cirrus Hybrid™ technology which develops ‎nanostructured aluminium surfaces to support adherent functional coating deposition. ‎Unlike the conventional approaches, which use paints or dyes to create colour, Cirrus Paint-‎Free Colour™ develops visible light resonant nanostructures using a low temperature and ‎low power process that eliminates virtually 100% of VOCs. Building on Hybrid technology, ‎the tightly interlocked nanostructured alumina and metal deposits are much more adherent ‎than conventional paint.

The nanostructures are tunable to produce a wide range of vibrant ‎colours from a thin coating, typically between 3 and 15 microns which provides good ‎corrosion protection and scratch resistance. Cirrus Paint-Free Colour™ for aluminium is 75% ‎thinner, lighter and five times more energy efficient than traditional painted surfaces and ‎offers a disruptive new sustainable coating system for light metal alloys and 3D-printed ‎components. This presentation provides an update on paint free colour technology ‎development.‎


Chris Goode


Cirrus Materials Science