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Session 11: Corrosion & Wear Deposit Coatings

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This presentation will enlighten the audience on novel cold spray ‎processes that provide properties ‎similar to high velocity oxygen ‎fuel (HVOF) or high velocity air fuel (HVAF) coatings. After ‎attending ‎this presentation, the audience will understand a simpler ‎process that is easier to control, more ‎efficient, and less expensive ‎than conventional wear, corrosion resistant coating applications.‎


General Surface Finishing
Aerospace and Defense

Aircraft structure and components are commonly found with ‎corrosion, wear, tooling, in-service ‎damage in many areas across the ‎aircraft requiring local damage clean-up or corrosion removal, and ‎‎application of a wear coating and/or a Corrosion Preventative ‎Compound (CPC) applications to ‎prevent further corrosion. For these ‎corrosion and wear repair scenarios, in some cases there are no ‎‎practical repair methods to remove corrosion products and ‎dimensionally restore these aircraft ‎components in a relatively quick ‎manner. Therefore, there is a need to develop a corrosion and / or ‎‎wear resistant cold spray process that is portable and can provide ‎quick corrosion removal and on-‎site dimensional restoration for ‎depot and field level sites. ‎

Cold spray is thermal spray process; however, unlike traditional ‎thermal spray processes for wear ‎resistant coating applications, the ‎process operates at lower temperatures and the powder remains ‎‎below the melting point and bonds by particle deformation due to ‎the kinetic energy upon impact. ‎The cold spray process is also much ‎simpler and only uses helium, nitrogen, or compressed air as a ‎carrier ‎gas to accelerate the particles to the critical velocity required for ‎bonding. ‎
ES3 has developed cold spray repair processes to replace inadequate ‎CPC applications and expensive ‎and inefficient particle deposition ‎legacy processes for the US Air Force, Navy and Army. The results ‎‎have been exceptional and as a result of ES3’s groundbreaking ‎research, various cold spray coatings, ‎including chrome replacement, ‎can be efficiently deposited, providing excellent wear and corrosion ‎‎resistance.‎


Casey Jones

Project Manager

Engineering and Software System Solutions