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Session 1: Aerospace/Defense Response to REACh

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This presentation will benefit the audience by providing insight ‎into converting from hexavalent ‎chromium (Cr) based primers to a ‎Cr-free superhydrophobic topcoat and primer coating stack up. At ‎‎the end of this presentation, the audience will understand the ‎exceptional benefits of ‎superhydrophobic technology, including ‎increased cleanability, increased chemical resistance ‎improved ‎corrosion resistance, and reduced drag. The audience will also ‎understand this technology ‎decreases maintenance, is easier to ‎handle, and results in material and equipment cost savings.‎


General Surface Finishing, Aerospace and Defense

Hexavalent chromium is commonly utilized in coatings across the U.S. Department of ‎Defense (DoD), especially in epoxy primers. ES3 has developed a superhydrophobic primer ‎and topcoat that does not contain hexavalent chromium and results in contact angles of ‎greater than 150 degrees. This effort seeks to eliminate chromium from the topcoat and ‎primer, while increasing hydrophobicity, icephobicity, cleanability, and maintainability, ‎resulting in an improved coating stack up that’s better for the maintainer, the aircraft, and ‎the environment.

This objective of this effort addresses the need to eliminate the use of hexavalent chrome-‎based primers commonly found in primers by developing a Cr-free epoxy primer and ‎polyurethane topcoat with superhydrophobic (SH) pigments for aerospace applications and ‎use. The coating has been extensively tested against legacy military primer and topcoat ‎specifications, MIL-PRF-23377 and MIL-PRF-85285, respectively. ES3 is working with a ‎chemical manufacturer to advance development of the superhydrophobic primer and ‎topcoat that has passed military specification testing to date. Upon completion of this ‎effort, ES3 will have fully validated this Cr-free superhydrophobic topcoat and primer meets ‎the same requirements as legacy hexavalent chromium-based primer and topcoat stack ups. ‎


Fred Laguines

General Manager

Engineering and Software System Solutions