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Session 3: Advances in Research ‎

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This paper will discuss the design of tooling and electrochemical ‎finishing conditions used to polish ‎additively manufactured Mo ‎‎(refractory) components.‎


Advances in Surface Finishing Technology

This paper will discuss recent developments toward the demonstration of a process to ‎electrochemically finish the feedhorn arrays produced with Mo by EBM additive ‎manufacturing. Specifically, we will discuss developments toward achieving optimal ‎electrochemical processing conditions, surface finish, nominal tooling, and performance. ‎Unlike conventional surface finishing processes that either use media or machine tools to ‎physically modify the surface, electrochemistry can be used as a non-contact flexible ‎approach, to finish hard to reach surfaces such as the internal channels of refractory ‎materials that may be inaccessible to conventional processes. This paper will focus on ‎pulse/pulse reverse electrofinishing processes developed by Faraday Technology and the ‎technique to scale this approach to functional parts of interest. ‎


Andrew Moran

Principal Scientist

Faraday Technology Inc.

Timothy Hall

Research Director

Faraday Technology

Huong Le

Principal Scientist

Faraday Technology