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Session 5: Advancements in Metal Finishing Technical Improvements

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The presentation will allow the audience to see first-hand some of ‎the projects that we have worked on and give them some idea of ‎what can be done for them and how Norton/Saint-Gobain can ‎use the new APS Robot system to show them real PROOF OF ‎CONCEPT labs using their parts. We know that the System ‎Integrators struggle to run POC labs and we installed the APS ‎System to solve that issue‎


Advances in Surface Finishing Technology
General Surface ‎Finishing

For many years the goal of most surface finishing operations has been to reduce or eliminate ‎the dependency of using hand finishers for the majority of their processes. There are many ‎challenges to achieve this goal, from finding the right pieces of equipment, whether it’s ‎robotics or fixed automation to achieve this, to finding ways to match that equipment to the ‎right abrasive process and products. ‎

Often times the surface finishing group tries to just “duplicate” what they do by hand to ‎something that can be done with a robot or fixed automation. While this is sometimes ‎possible, it often leaves very little improvement and thus, makes automation payback a real ‎challenge.‎

One of the challenges of the surface finishing industry is to help the end users find more ‎creative and efficient ways to run their parts, using new or improved abrasives and ‎processes, to not just DUPLICATE the current method, but to IMPROVE IT. The job of the ‎Norton/Saint-Gobain World Class Abrasive Process Solutions Robotic Lab system is to not ‎only discuss how we can help the surface finishing industry achieve a new level of ‎automation but to be able to SHOW THEM these improvements. ‎

The APS System is set-up to show GRINDING, Heavy Polishing, Surface polishing and ‎finishing, brushing and surface buffing processes, on customer parts, on a real life robotic ‎based automated system. The APS system is designed for not only PART to ABRASIVE Set ‎ups, but also, ABRASIVE to PART processes. These processes are also set up to be able to ‎show this on DRY processes AND WET processes.‎


Mike Shappell

Senior Application Engineer; Automation Specialist

Norton/Saint-Gobain Abrasives