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Session 4: Advancements in Automotive Finishing

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DuPont Electronics & Industrial has developed ECOPOSIT™ 95HT ‎High Throw Electrolytic Copper, a ‎new electrolytic copper plating ‎process with a novel brightening system that provides significantly ‎‎improved throwing power and produces deposits with highly ‎improved stress and ductility.‎


Plating on Plastics/Decorative Technology
Technologies for ‎Improved Performance or Increased Efficiency

Electrolytic copper is applied to almost every decorative and functional metallized plastic ‎part, ‎providing high brightness, levelling out imperfections from the plastic molding process, ‎and serving ‎as the deposit upon which all subsequent finishing steps are built. For decades, ‎the most common ‎copper process has utilized a dye-based brightening system because it is ‎inexpensive and produces a ‎bright, levelled finish.‎

However, this system has some significant drawbacks. The deposits produced by the dye-‎based ‎process are highly stressed and have poor ductility, which significantly affects the ‎reliability of parts ‎plated using many of the new hex-chrome-free etching processes. The ‎process also has very low ‎throwing power, requiring significant over-plating in some areas to ‎achieve the minimum thickness ‎across the entire part, wasting considerable amounts of ‎metal and equipment time.‎

To address these challenges, DuPont Electronics & Industrial has developed ECOPOSIT™ ‎‎95HT High ‎Throw Electrolytic Copper, a new electrolytic copper plating process with a novel ‎brightening system. ‎This new system has significantly improved throwing power and ‎produces deposits with highly ‎improved stress and ductility. This talk will review the ‎technical aspects of the process, the deposit, ‎and highlight the benefits it affords when ‎utilizing chrome-free etching processes.‎


Michael Lipschutz

Electronic and Industrial Finishing Applications Technology Group Leader - West

DuPont Electronics & Industrial