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Session 10: Light Metals Processing

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This presentation will help to improve the sampling and analysis ‎of wastewater, thereby improving ‎compliance with federal ‎categorical and local regulations. Once the audience learns how ‎to “know ‎their water” they will be better able to manage their ‎wastewater system.‎


Managing Water Usage/Waste Management Minimization

All surface finishing operations that discharge treated wastewater are held to federal ‎categorical standards, local limits, and less frequently an NPDES permit. Part of the ‎regulation will be an expectation of sampling and analysis. The frequency and testing ‎required will vary and drives difficulty staying in compliance. Sampling options will be ‎driven by permit and analytical needs. The options can vary between automated composites ‎or grab samples. This presentation will cover types of sampling and analysis that are ‎available or preferred. ‎

In addition to testing per permit regulations, regular onsite analysis will give a greater ‎awareness of wastewater treatment performance. However, this will require investment in ‎analytical equipment and the training to be proficient. Equipment selection can range from ‎colorimetric or wet testing to Atomic Adsorption or ICP technologies. Since the cost and ‎complication can vary widely, it is useful to have a guide to selection and will be presented ‎here.‎

Through regular onsite testing, the facility can identify problems with treatment before ‎contaminants are released. This knowledge will also allow one to balance the load of ‎concentrated waste(s) into the treatment system. For example, a plant may want to treat a ‎concentrated zinc tank in wastewater. Through testing, a bleed rate can be dialed in that ‎will allow for successful treatment. This will prevent a potential violation and by treating, ‎will prevent expensive third party hauling of waste. By knowing your water, you can best ‎manage your operations.‎


Steven Buday

Director of Waste Water

Haviland Products Co.