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Session 2: Metal Finishing: Past, Present, and Future

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Presentation will describe the proposed NASF Surface Finishing ‎Roadmap and will identify goals to ‎improve and grow the surface ‎finishing industry in order to position it to where it should be 10 to ‎‎15 ‎years from now.‎


General Surface Finishing,
Advances & New Trends in Surface ‎Finishes/Engineering

The proposed NASF Surface Finishing Roadmap will be presented ‎for discussion. This roadmap sets ‎goals to achieve in order to ‎position the surface finishing industry to where it should be in the ‎next ‎‎10 to 15 years. All companies and organizations should have ‎goals for where they want to be in the ‎future, and NASF is no ‎exception to having these type of goals. As a technical consultant ‎for NASF, ‎and being involved with surface finishing R&D and ‎operations for over 40 years, this proposed ‎roadmap is based on ‎observations, experience, technical literature reviews, and talking ‎with other ‎surface finishing professionals. This roadmap will help ‎guide and direct the activities of NASF and ‎the AESF Foundation to ‎determine where the surface finishing industry is heading and ‎where do we ‎want to be as a technical organization. Like all goals, ‎this is a work in progress and will be revised ‎and updated as ‎necessary.‎


Stephen Gaydos

Technical Specialist