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Session 5: Advancements in Metal Finishing Technical Improvements

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By adopting the presented innovative technology, manufacturers ‎in the surface finishing industry can dramatically ‎increase their ‎production efficiency, reduce operational risk aspects and hence ‎increase their ability to be more ‎competitive. In an ever changing ‎environment, where workforce turnover becomes a dramatic ‎factor, the ability to ‎preserve operational knowledge and easily ‎train new personnel is a must. The proposed solution exposes the ‎‎audience to extending of industry 4.0 revolution into maintenance ‎operation domain.‎


Innovative Best Practices for Performance & Efficiency,
‎Technologies for Improved Performance or Increased Efficiency ‎

The manufacturing maintenance ecosystem incorporates solutions for maintenance ‎resources management using ‎various systems. Industry 4.0 added automation to ‎manufacturing world. It automates machines, it optimizes ‎maintenance scheduling ‎according to equipment actual performance rather than maintenance scheduling according ‎‎to OEM directions. But when it comes to actual hands-on operation and maintenance tasks ‎on production floor, ‎these are yet based on documented procedures (word, excel, etc.) and ‎gained knowhow of workers. Feedback from ‎production floor is based on manual reports, ‎often divided to several reporting forms (procedure execution, spare ‎parts, Job Safety ‎Analysis etc.). Furthermore – it doesn't include knowhow and techniques sharing for ‎improved ‎performance.‎

This results in ever growing gap between the documented data and actual knowhow ‎required for correct and ‎efficient job performance. It leads to increased equipment ‎downtime, increased operation costs and risk to ‎equipment and personnel. In the ‎presentation, I will propose a new approach to manufacturing maintenance and ‎operation ‎management ecosystem - incorporating a new management layer - Maintenance operations ‎‎management. ‎

The maintenance operations management creates a new cycle of information and dataflow ‎between the ‎organization database and the production floor and maintenance resources ‎management. 1st level, it shall equip the ‎production floor with most updated and detailed ‎data, provided by AR/VR visual tool that ensures correct execution ‎of preventive and ‎corrective maintenance procedures. 2nd level, it generates digital operations environment ‎that ‎enables to manage operations on production floor based on digital data. 3nd level, it ‎ensures automatic feedback and ‎reports from the production floor to the database that ‎enables accurate performance monitoring and analysis. ‎‎4th level it incorporates AI decision ‎making based on the actual data that is automatically reported. This new ‎approach can ‎dramatically reduce downtime and operational costs (by 30% according to our gained ‎experience), ‎and it can lead to safer working environment.‎


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