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Session 8: Innovations for Improving Productivity

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The audience will be educated on key best practices to prevent ‎common errors in wastewater ‎treatment. The goal would be to ‎help key staff identify areas of improvement along with reducing ‎‎the level of effort treating wastewater. These improvements will ‎help facilities prevent fines and/or ‎surcharges and prevent ‎interruption of production.‎


Managing Water Usage/Waste Management Minimization

The goal of a wastewater treatment system is to control the release of contaminants to the ‎receiving body (regulated by NPDES or pretreatment permit). The most common wastewater ‎system in the surface finishing industry employees a physical chemical separation via ‎precipitation. Often plants will have periodic exceedances as a failure to optimize ‎clarification and solids management. The chemistry of the precipitation can be correct, but ‎if the clarifier carries solids to the drain, the concentrated contaminants will be released ‎‎(causing a violation). This is highlighted by 24 hour composite sampling that is frequently ‎applied by regulatory authorities. The system can be running well, with a clear water break ‎and compliant testing for 23 of 24 hours, but an hour of carryover will push wastewater ‎operations out of compliance, risking fines and pollution.‎

Two critical areas of clarification are solids management and proper application of ‎flocculants. A body of best practices and typical pitfalls will be discussed in these areas. ‎

Flocculants are available in several varieties and their application is dependent upon plant ‎conditions. Application of flocculants is the critical first steps in clarification. This ‎presentation will cover selection, application, make-down and storage of flocculants. With a ‎consistent floc, one can then focus on a solids management program. Critical to the success ‎of a solids management plan, is to be sure it fits the needs and nature of the facility. This ‎discussion involves the balance between solids loading, clarification, and dewatering ‎operations to ensure ongoing compliance.‎


Steven Buday

Director of Waste Water

Haviland Products Co.