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Session 5: Advancements in Metal Finishing Technical Improvements

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Information on opportunities and best practices to manage ‎current industry challenges that apply ‎directly to the electroless ‎nickel plating industry and in general to the broader metal ‎finishing ‎industry.‎


Innovative Best Practices for Performance & Efficiency
Performance Solutions Impacting ‎Today and Future

In these unprecedented times, there are challenges as well as opportunities in the ‎electroless nickel industry. ‎
Challenges include:‎
• Supply chain disruptions
• Shortages of key commodities nickel sulfate and sodium hypophosphite
• High energy costs
• Increased regulations
• Inflation
• High shipping costs
Opportunities include:‎
• Interest in on-shoring manufacturing
• Vibrant industry organizations
• MAMF scholarships
• Products Finishing magazine programs to support the EN industry
• Educational programs for EN
• New technologies for improved performance, savings, safety, compliance

Michael Feldstein will present these challenges and opportunities in detail. He has a unique ‎perspective on the EN industry as the President and Director of Innovation at Surface ‎Technology, Inc which has served the EN industry for nearly 50 years as both a manufacturer ‎of EN solutions as well as a plating job shop (named the 2021 Top Shop plating shop ‎according to Products Finishing magazine).‎


Michael Feldstein


Surface Technology, Inc.