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Session 2: Metal Finishing: Past, Present, and Future

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This is a fun-filled, enjoyable and entertaining overview of the birth of our industry. The ‎famed ‎individuals who assisted in the development of the field of electroplating will be ‎explored. The ‎attendee will learn how these individuals; some of whom they have ‎undoubtedly heard about, are ‎interlaced into the historical significance or our field of ‎endeavor. The presentation will be both ‎relaxing, enjoyable and pleasantly entertaining.‎


General Surface Finishing

The History of Electroplating will be an enjoyable visit to our ‎industry's past. Join me as I explore the ‎twists and turns related to ‎the past 240-years of our industry. I'll peek into the individuals ‎who made ‎our technology possible and review their work as it ‎relates to the advancement of the science of ‎electroplating. I'll ‎review their famous experiments and discoveries both deduced ‎and serendipitous ‎that brought us into the field of modern ‎electroplating.

Do you know who the first person was to actually electroplate ‎something? Are you aware that ‎the French Emperor Napoleon ‎influenced the early years of our industry? What are the roots of ‎our ‎current society, the NASF? These are just some of the tidbits ‎that will be shared in what will be a ‎historical, fascinating and ‎entertaining overview of the development of electroplating. ‎Come join me ‎for a fun-filled 30 minutes.‎


Bill Nebiolo

Sales Engineer

REM Surface Engineering