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Session 8: Innovations for Improving Productivity

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Dynapower unlocks the data of your power supply to allow an easier maintenance program ‎and ‎more effective use of your PM Program. Using modern technology to measure efficiently, ‎accurately, ‎and safely, Dynapower has developed a PM program that allows Predictive ‎Analysis on power supply ‎failure based on industry usage and trends that can be tailored to ‎your facility. This will maximize ‎your effectiveness in maintaining uptime, avoiding quality ‎defects, and improve your profits.‎


Innovative Best Practices for Performance & Efficiency
Technologies for Improved ‎Performance or Increased Efficiency

Six Sigma is not just for math geeks. The statistical data analysis tools and methodology have ‎allowed ‎people across the manufacturing world the power to sort through the muck of ‎numbers their ‎business is producing in order to find useful, time saving, and cost curbing ‎metrics to drive their ‎success. Data Collection and Management is the new wave in ‎intelligent management control ‎structures. He who has the most data wins.‎

Rectifiers are the big, scary boxes next to the line that seem to be the cause for a lot of ‎headache in ‎the metal finishing industry. If you have ever worked on one, regardless of the ‎brand, you know it ‎seems to work for a long time ... until it doesn't. Once the magic white ‎smoke comes out of the ‎machine, you need to hire an expert to reload that magic smoke. But ‎are they really that ambiguous ‎and difficult? Now days, there are so many different types, ‎configurations, and data reporting ‎capabilities. What does the data being reported mean for ‎your process, and how can you use that to ‎your advantage?‎

Dynapower has been gathering data on our equipment for 50 years. But what good is data if ‎it is not ‎used to better our lives and our passions? Dynapower is passionate about helping ‎customers ‎effectively manage their rectifiers using a few simple metrics: Calibration, Process ‎Variation, Quality ‎Output, Statistical Control, and Electronic Degradation. By using years of ‎data collection, ‎Dynapower has been able to leverage simple trends in rectifier maintenance ‎that saves cost, ‎maximizes uptime, and gives the power back to the consumer. Using Six ‎Sigma, historical trends, and ‎some help from the metal finishing industry, Dynapower will ‎help you make the most of ‎maintenance efforts and help make quality control managers to ‎sleep peacefully at night.‎


Remington Schieffer

Aftermarket Services Manager - Power Systems

Dynapower LLC