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Session 4: Advancements in Automotive Finishing

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This presentation will discuss the true fundamentals of reductive ‎reactions utilizing ORP as well as hydroxide insolubility & sulfide ‎insolubility that pertains to the metals of interest in the influent to ‎the waste water treatment process. The audience will benefit ‎from understanding such fundamentals as charge neutralization, ‎stoichiometric charts as well as understanding of charge density & ‎molecular weight of the anionic flocculants needed in today's ‎waste streams.‎


Automotive Industry
Managing Water Usage / Waste Management Minimization

In the metal finishing world many suppliers have had to ‎reformulate the finished product needed in the surface finishing ‎facility, because they cannot get adequate supply of chemistry ‎that has worked for years - due to the supply chain shortage. The ‎reformulation of these chemistries has caused problems in waste ‎water treatment. The specialty chemical suppliers have had to ‎use different surfactants, chelants, brighteners & mineral ‎sequestrants. This fact has caused the surface finishing facilities to ‎change coagulants, flocculants & precipitants.‎


Jim Collins

Business Development Manager

Brenntag Mid-South