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NASF SUR/FIN 2022 Steering Committee

NASF Technology Advisory Committee 2022

Ben Stratton, Corrotec Incorporated

Vice Chair
Jeff Boehmer, Columbia Chemical

Past Chair

Steve Smith, American Plating ‎Power

Committee Members

Steve Smith, American Plating ‎Power
Chris Capalbo, New Method Plating  
Patrick Hayden, Unimetal Surface Finishing
Ray Lucas, Valley Chrome Plating
Blair Vandivier, Asterion LLC

Bill Nebiolo, REM Surface Engineering                            

JR Grogan, KCH Services

Brad Majoy, PAVCO, Inc.

Bill Nebiolo, REM Surface ‎Engineering ‎

Vice Chair
Tim Hall, Faraday Technology

Past Chair
Brad Wiley, Rolls Royce

Committee Members
Adam Blakeley, MacDermid Enthone
Fernando Carminholi, Hubbard Hall
Ling Hao, Lacks Enterprises‎
Dan Hooks, Los Alamos Nat’l Laboratories
Keith Legg, Rowan Technology
Jim Lindsay, NASF Technical Editor
Dev Massimi, American Plating Power
George Milad, Uyemura International Corp.‎
Caleb Morrison, Atotech
Rob Pawson, Haviland USA
Mike Ware, The Boeing Company