Keynote & Blum Lecture Presenters


Coating Selection for Automotive Trends
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Kim Tress ‎
June 7, 2022 ‎
‎1:00 pm – 2:00 pm‎


Kim Tress is currently the North American Specialist for Stellantis responsible for Functional Coatings.‎
Kim began her journey in the coatings industry by working in an electroplating company while ‎completing her BS in Chemistry with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering.‎

During her career Kim has had responsibilities in every level within the coating industry.  She has done ‎it all – from running pilot lines and sample parts, analyzing tanks, controlling inventory, corrosion ‎testing, environmental compliance, quality control, and working as a field tech service representative ‎for a large chemical supplier. Kim has spent the last 11 years at Stellantis in the Materials Engineering ‎Department, acting as a  Technical Specialist, with responsibility for a vast array of coatings used for ‎tribology, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic attributes. ‎
When not analzying or diagnosing coating issues for Stellantis, Kim enjoys SCUBA diving at tropical ‎destinations.


Polarization and Natural Order

The Blum Lecture
Jude Mary Runge, Ph.D.‎
Tuesday, June 7‎
‎2:00 pm – 3:00 pm‎


Understanding the long-range order induced by non-equilibrium polarization systems, like anodizing, ‎reveals interesting parallels in natural, equilibrium systems.  Biological systems of all sizes, from the ‎smallest coral to the largest elk, are presented that connect electrochemical polarization to the order ‎that forms when species of the same type assemble.  Polarization in living systems produces an ‎integral living network that moves like a fabric with perfect synchronicity.  Examples of natural order ‎developed through inherent polarization within member groups are presented, including human ‎beings.  ‎

Dr. Judy Runge is a metallurgical engineer and surface scientist specializing in the surface treatment and interfacial science of aluminum and its alloys.  Her career spans 40 years,‎ focusing on materials engineering problem solving that utilizes her expertise as a surface scientist and manufacturing process engineer, providing failure analysis and metallurgical support to the aluminum finishing industry.  She is currently employed as Principal Engineer, ‎
Surface Finishing in Manufacturing Design at Apple, Inc. in Cupertino, California, USA.  Dr.‎ Runge is an internationally recognized expert in the science and technology of anodic oxidation and has given presentations and classes on the subject all over the world.  She has received numerous awards, and most recently was honored to receive the 2020 NASF Scientific Achievement Award.  Her book, The Metallurgy of Anodizing Aluminum was published in April of 2018 by Springer Nature.  


Innovation in Times of Change: How to Rethink and Reframe Effectively When You ‎Have to React Quickly ‎
‎ ‎
Julie Holmes ‎
June 8, 2022 ‎
‎9:00 am – 10:00 am ‎


In the blink of an eye everything changed. Your plans. Your forecasts. Out the window. Cancellations, postponements and a dose of high-octane panic leave you feeling overwhelmed, ‎confused, and uncertain about what’s next. ‎

Business as usual is over. It’s time to get creative. Time to rethink, reframe and retool. And the good ‎news is, you got this. All you need is some fresh thinking and innovation strategies, and you’ll go from ‎reactive to proactive. ‎

In this quick response innovation program, we’ll walk through specific activities and approaches ‎applied to YOUR BUSINESS. You’ll analyze and rethink your organization. You’ll take stock of your ‎assets and relationships. You’ll discover opportunities. And you’ll walk away with a list of actionable ‎ideas, next steps and a newfound sense of hope. ‎

Plus, you’ll have a valuable set of tools to get you through these challenging times and whatever ‎comes next.

Julie Holmes is an inventor, app developer, pragmatic technologist, and innovation expert, plus she’s way smarter ‎than her smartphone. With over 25 years of experience in enterprise and small business technology, she’s a master ‎of how-to TECH IT OFF YOUR LIST. ‎

An award-winning speaker and tech strategist, Julie has guided tens of thousands of people in why, when, and how ‎to leverage technology effectively. Her wicked smarts, extreme enthusiasm, and cheeky humor on (and off) stage ‎spur audiences to not only sit up and listen but also to make notes, compare phones and take immediate action.  ‎
As the founder/co-founder of two innovation companies, Julie has designed and delivered tech products that are ‎helping businesses grow their brands in over 35 countries. Sure, she knows tons of cool apps and tech tools that ‎make people and their organizations run faster, smarter, and better – heck, she’s even building a whole YouTube ‎channel about that. But, she’s also keenly aware of how easy it is to get distracted by shiny new apps so that, before ‎you know it, you’re buried in icons you don’t even recognize. Wouldn’t it be great to know what you really need to ‎TECH YOUR BUSINESS UP A NOTCH without all the noise?  ‎
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From entrepreneurs just getting started to executives of multinational corporations, there’s brilliant, innovative ‎tech that can help you achieve your goals. You just have to master when to TECH IT OR LEAVE IT. Julie shows you ‎how.‎